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Camp Tenipuri

Sakamoto's Tennis Academy

Tenicamp: A Prince of Tennis RP Comm.
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A Prince of Tennis RP Community

tenicamp or Sakamoto's Tennis Academy is an outdoor tennis-centric boarding school sponsored by Mr. Sakamoto. It is situated near the mountains of Hokkaido. Young tennis players all over the country are invited to attend this school where they will be provided quality education and tennis training.

Despite being based outdoors, the academy still posesses state-of-the-art facilities. This includes Hot Springs, heated dorms (for those who deserved it) and wireless internet.


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The Mods

Name: Gottis
LJ: gottis_chan
Characters: Echizen, Tezuka & Horio
Mail: angelictensai@gmail.com
IM: AIM - Angelic Tensai
Other: CET+1 time. (Sweden.) Usually available through the week. Not available on weekends.

Name: Mizu
LJ: willowscry
Characters: Yanagi
Mail: yanagi@joeyteel.com
IM: willowy renji
Other: Usually availd at most times. Offline AIM messages are welcome.